Large and Growing: Cannabis & CBD consumption are each expected to grow to $22 billion by 2022, with lots of uncertainty around testing standards.
Before reaching consumers, cannabis (and in some cases CBD) testing must be completed in the state of production, creating an opportunity for a national player with a multi-state footprint. CanLab’s network of PhD-level scientists have developed best-in-class scientific methods and operating procedures to instill transparency and trust in the process.

The CanLab Difference

We are building a tech-first, data-driven network that will empower and protect our partners. We believe that combining innovative technology and rigorous scientific standards, will result in reliability and replicability across the cannabis and CBD market today.

Why Testing Matters

All cannabis, hemp + CBD products must go through scientific testing at licensed labs before becoming available for legal purchase. This is a pivotal step in their journey to market, and one we believe deserves more consumer attention. Currently, these labs are regulated independent of each other by local state governments, creating inconsistencies in results. Here at CanLab, we believe in a universalized ecosystem that instills transparency and trust in the process. We’re creating that system by combining rigorous internal guidelines developed by our team of PhD-level scientists with industry-leading technology and scientists.

Most consumers are unaware of the risks associated with unregulated or poorly tested cannabinoids. Beyond potency testing, labs also test for a number of substances which can be harmful to consumers, such as; Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Microbials (like EColi). Comprehensive testing is important for the health and safety of the consumer, and it will play a fundamental part in growing the legal cannabis and CBD industry. The network we’re building will ensure reliability and replicability in testing nationwide.

Beyond Testing

Collaboration is key. Whether it’s troubleshooting inconsistencies or providing industry-leading product development services, our client relationships go beyond testing. We work collaboratively with our growing network of best-in-class labs to provide consulting that is unmatched. Not only do we offer our partners access to our cutting-edge technologies, methods, and procedures, we also work with them hand-in-hand to take their businesses to the next level.