Shaping the Future of Cannabis + CBD Testing
CanLab is the nation’s leading cannabis, hemp and CBD testing laboratory network. Together with brilliant minds and world class facilities, we’re creating consistency, quality, and dependability within a fragmented, multi-state industry. In collaboration with our partners, we utilize advanced technology and a solution-oriented approach that enables world class testing and sets a new standard for growers, brands and consumers everywhere.
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Bringing transparency, responsive service, and advanced science to our partners.


We believe in a universal standard of Cannabis and CBD testing laboratory practices and procedures with rigorous scientific standards. We employ innovative, tech-powered systems and data science to enhance testing methods, client communication, and consumer insight. With tech on our side, we’re creating a safer ecosystem that eliminates risk and fosters trust in the emerging cannabinoid market.


CanLab strives to be the leading national cannabis, hemp and CBD safety testing laboratory, a multi-state lab network known for quality and dependability, recognized by consumers as the symbol of superior cannabis, hemp and CBD products. Together, we can educate consumers about the importance of cannabis, cemp and CBD testing and build a nationally-recognized network representing the gold standard of safety.


World Class
Testing Standards

The Nations Largest Cannabis + CBD Testing Network


Focus on Transparency and Integrity

Partnership, Collaboration and Commitment to Customer Service